”People do not love but fall in love with this….”

Each piece of our jewelries are unique handcrafts designed and created by Ferenc Borsics master jeweler.

Ferenc Borsics was born in 1961, Tarján and his original qualification is a ceramist. In his whole life he was making jewelries and his work was determined by experimentation.

At an early stage he was engaged in porcelain but later he dealt with all sorts of materials from plastic to glass.

He is founder of the Hungarian Artcraft Association and member of the Artchaika Club.

His newest collection is made by a special technique. The glass jewelries are made of several layers. What you can see is a layer of a miniature handpainting which he decorates with 22 carat gold foil. Then he covers it with glass and puts a protection coat on it.

Mainly Gustav Klimt’s spectacular paintings ground for his jewelries but he is also inspired by Alfons Mucha.